When it comes to food what does “Luxury” exactly mean? Find out 3 World’s Best Restaurants perspectives…

Could “Luxury Food” be related to some recognized prestige of the “producer brand” only? Is it purely a matter of the Chef? or of the Restaurant? Could it be something similar to the “branded eggs” below?

image of courtesy by #PeddyMergui the #Versace eggs advised by #TheExtraFacet

Maybe not.

At least not only, even though at a very first glance the “food branded concept” seems to be crucial for these pictures’ creative vision – in case of interest find more about the artist, Peddy Mergui

But coming back to the point, when it comes to food…what does “luxury” exactly mean then?

The answer is clear: Luxury Food means, first of all, intrinsic pure quality of the ingredients.

Concepts like “From farm to fork”, local & seasonal products – even coming from the Restaurant-owned vegetable garden – are the main guidelines of the World’s Best Restaurants.

Luxury food is healthy food, at the very end.

Let’s take a closer look on how 3 of the World’s Best Restaurants are interpreting these concepts:

1. Osteria Francescana, Modena – Italy – #1 The World’s Best Restaurant

‘We think very hard about the origins of our ingredients and foster deep relationships with our producers and artisans’

Chef: Massimo Bottura

Style of food: Contemporary Italian

Standout dish: Sometimes mallard, sometimes partridge, and even bollito

#OsteriaFrancescana - image illustrative only - advised by #TheExtraFacet

2. Mirazur, Menton – France – #6 The World’s Best Restaurant

‘The Chef himself, Mauro Colagreco, loves to work the land. In 2010 he created his own vegetable garden next to the family home’

Chef: Mauro Colagreco

Style of food: Mediterranean

Standout dish: Oyster and pears

#Mirazur - image illustrative only - advised by #TheExtraFacet

3. Narisawa, Tokyo – Japan – #8 The World’s Best Restaurant

‘In order to bring our natural landscape and the particular strength of that season to a dish, one must carefully consider the main ingredients that form the core of the dish’

Chef: Yoshihiro Narisawa with Takahisa Yuyama

Style of food: Innovative Satoyama cuisine

Standout dish: Satoyama scenery

#Narisawa - image illustrative only - advised by #TheExtraFacet

If you want to know more about the World’s Best Restaurants, visit the official website.

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