Where can you get lost to find yourself? Borgo Egnazia Luxury Resort

Borgo Egnazia Resort is a special place in Puglia – in the south of Italy – surrounded by a crystal clear sea, magnificent Baroque cities, caves, neolithic sites and stunning traditional village.

Breath Borgo Egnazia Resort exclusive beauty watching the below 25 seconds video.

Borgo Egnazia Resort is a well-known golf destination as well, being its San Domenico Golf Club created following the USGA’s highest standards.

#SanDomenicoGolfClub - #BorgoEgnazia image of courtesy - advised by #TheExtraFacet

In addition the food experience is just unmissable.

The chef personally selects products from his vegetable garden at Borgo Egnazia or purchases them at local markets, following a careful selection that favors quality and freshness. Know more here about the ‘from farm to fork’ philosophy – the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

These local products can be experienced also at the Borgo Egnazia Cooking School, for eventually learning how to prepare the traditional dishes of this region.

#BorgoEgnazia image of courtesy - advised by #TheExtraFacet

Last but not least, Puglia region is one of the top 10 destinations for wine lovers.

Ultimately, given that we are made of skin and heart, the Borgo Egnazia Vair SPA and its artist-therapists will contribute to make this luxury resort experience unforgettable.

#BorgoEgnazia image of courtesy - advised by #TheExtraFacet

If you want to know more about Borgo Egnazia resort, visit their official website here.

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Pictures are courtesy of Borgo Egnazia official website






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