The one and only reason why the Queen in Blue touched the world’s “heart of the heart’s”. Discover…

Read on! “Words and actions matters”, as Michelle Obama said during her incredible speech @ Democratic National Convention 2016 that stole the show. She nailed it – as many already pointed out.

And we think that what Vanessa Friedman wrote on The New York Times perfectly works for both the First Lady speech and her dress too: it May Have Looked Simple, but It Spoke Volumes. Let’s discover why…

#MichelleObama courtesy image - advised by #TheExtraFacet

During these 8 years she used to perform great as a speaker and she has often demonstrated this skill in many official occasions.

But why did she touch the world that much yesterday night with her speech?

Watch the 1 min video below – courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar – to understand which was the special and most powerful message she delivered.

Of course there are many reasons behind her success: grace, inspiration, passion, firm beliefs, deep awareness about the need of protecting her own values, among others.

But Michelle Obama’s real “Extra Facet” – just to play with a word that we like very much – has been one and one only: as a mother, she shared her worries about who will “have the power to shape her children for the next four or eight years of their lives” 

The entire speech has been built around this simple concept. All the other topics she went through have been analyzed from this perspective. And what happened  was incredible.

She started from the very beginning talking about her two daughters, and afterwords she talked about all american sons and daughters that are parents’ “heart of the heart’s”, as she said.

#ObamaFamily courtesy image - advised by #TheExtraFacet

The message was both very simple and ultra powerful: “With every word and every action, we know our children are watching us. We, as parents, are the most important role models”

And when it comes to the job of being President and First Lady she said “words and actions matters, not just to our girls, but to children across the entire country”. 

Speaking and leading by examples. 

That’s what she did and what she advised americans to do. As parents, as citizens, as families and as voters to protect their own children.

Result: she won the entire world heart of the heart’s”.

During 15 min Michelle Obama was not just a First Lady but a real Queen – and not for “birthright only”, but much more than that.

Last but not least we had a closer look at the article Vanessa Friedman wrote on The New York Times and we discovered that the Queen in Blue made a great fashion choice too, wearing a cobalt blue silk crepe dress designed by Christian Siriano.

Interesting enough, Siriano “is famous to have built his career on being inclusive in a world – such as the Fashion world – that is not known for its embrace of togetherness (more for its exclusion)”.

We’ll never be sure, but we don’t think the First Lady’s choice about the dress has been a coincidence. What do you think?

If you loved Michelle Obama speech @DNC2016, watch the full speech here!









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